I am currently working in the role of product manager in Product Line Management at Subex Limited. I am primarily responsible for the overall completeness and availability of ROC Revenue Assurance – the revenue management product for telecom operators from Subex, and hence like all product managers, it is always about what the customer “NEEDS” vs. what the customer “WANTS”

Requirements definition and prioritization; customer satisfaction; enabling sales and presales to sell well; market analysis, strategic planning, Go-To-Market plans, product launches; internal trainings and customer enablement; enabling sales targets…..yada yada yada…. everything that every normally a product manager would do… well that’s what ‘All in a Day’s Work” for me. My CV has the rest of the details…. let me know if You want to have a look at it! 🙂

Process defines how I get my product build….I decide and define what gets built!

I find it interesting to “connect” to people. I started blogging back in 2006 with my personal blog on Blogger… when ‘Blogger’ wasn’t even a part of Google! …. and it was fun, because that was when I for the first time, I could get an online version of my “Diary” of thoughts without having to make efforts in hiding it. Quickly I realized (and those were the days of Orkut) it makes sense to connect online with people and share thoughts and engage ‘online’… it was a different experience and definitely it is much evolved now. Thus started my online odyssey… and well I am still travelling with hopes to learn more and share more.

So why do I write? Who has read my over 500 posts in various blogs? and what do they think about me? … and even if I write to spread what I have learnt and think, why are none of my sites “monetized”? Google would be happy to put ads and pay money for the clicks that I get. Hmm… here is the answer to that: I write – because I like sharing. I write – because I love expressing myself to the entire world which has billions of different hearts throbbing and minds shaping ideas…. I write to express myself to the unknown and meet the unknown. I find it thrilling to have ideas contested and debated, as much as accepted. I find it creates a better form of interaction over anything… and given all this, I am not sure how many people have read what I write even if the statistics show in thousands or so. Therefore it is never the money from Adsense, that makes it thrilling to write and express… it simply is the joy of expression without boundaries and constrains that makes it exciting. Check out where I contribute as a co-author. It is fascinating to wade through the sheer number of thoughts shared by the authors there.

Thus, the ‘Internet of Things” fascinates me….. so other than my work which I love, I spend the maximum of my time….

which is why, You will find me “everywhere and active” .. Click the following & check


Just so You know….

I had a decent C.G.P.A of 8.37 in my Engineering ….. which makes me an Electronics and Instrumentation Engineer!

I live and work in Bangalore, India; but was born and brought up in Kolkata…

Just so You also know, Bengalis (which I am) are the most friendly people on the Earth, and speak the sweetest language known ‘Bengali”), and I always had the most supportive and loving parents and family….

My father (Late) had served Citibank and retired as the Assistant Vice President,…..but that was way long ago!

My mother is the best manager I know given how she has always managed our household!

My elder sister is a pediatrician and is blessed with a son

I find Steve Jobs a true legend… and hence completely agree to his saying “Why join the Navy . . . if you can be a pirate?”

Ask me if You want to know more 🙂