Apologies for any typing / grammatical errors! Please point out the same through your invaluable comments

There are a bunch of sites that provide information (and better information) like this one. But i wanted to put things my own way.
So “This” blog is about :

1. Product management: I work in the product management team of a Company. Now there are times when because of situations, company protocols and other factors, some good and some not-so-good idea get mis-handled, resulting in non-implementation of the same. This blog is to jot down such situations.

2. Revenue and Risk Management: These two terms are cross-platform and cross-domain terms. Now being in a company the works in a particular domain on these verticals, I surely will not post company strategies in here. So all readers be sure, that what I write in here has nothing got to do with what my company does, and this would just be my own ideas. I love this domain and its vastness. So in here, in this blog I would love to portray the love and respect for the same.

3. Resource of Information: There is a lot  of information freely available in the net about these subjects. Some i read, some i don’t. In here I would try and collate a lot of information on these subjects. I surely would not go for any copy-right infringement activity, but the basic point is knowledge is something one must share. That typically builds up intellect of the community– here which is the net-community.

Feel free to comment on my posts, and if you want to contribute to this blog, let me know- just send me your email id via a comment, I will send you my email and then put up your information (of course with your name and credentials), or if required share the “author” permission for contributing in the blog.

– Welcome.

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