The Test Event Generator

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This is the first post on the subject matter 🙂
Before i proceed, it would be good to let you all know that there is a great blog that you could follow for all your revenue assurance needs. It is called “The Talk RA” blog (

I think it is one of the greatest links for RA and practicing domain knowledge. The other on is the TM Forum website itself.

Let me talk of Test event generator. This is something I find to be so fascinating in terms of capabilities. Imagine you are an operator. A test event generator box typically allows up to get the view of your network in a controlled environment. All you need to do is create a bunch of reports on the data that you get.

Imagine– you know you have a problem with your network– and the best and the worst part is — you don’t know where it is. Imagine having to track billions of xDRs per day. Imagine what if a large operator with over 75 million subscribers, tries to find the faults in its vast network by using RA reports. Is that not like trying to find a needle in the Arabian Sea?? 

So, say this operator, uses a TCG. What does he gain? A controlled call generation across the network. All call generated (even if it be 10,000), did they pass through the network, and ended up in the invoicing system? No– Bingo, you have the points to suspect. get the calls that did not.

Repeat the exercise a few times. Is some thing showing up again and again?? Usual answer is yes. What larks!!!!! You have your suspect and culprit.

This is not easy — practically. But at least easier than having to view and count 750 million xDRs (@ 10 xDRs per day per subscriber- just being generous). Accepted that there are also challenges of frequency adjustments and the related. Even then, the problem is less that counting a billion records daily!!!

RA really needs to be pin pointed and focused. I am really not of the opinion that you could go and track xDR by xDR. Say today you can. Today you have major GSM, CDMA and PSTN set ups. You know your network. Tomorrow when u have IP (and imagine IPv6), handshaking with your existing network, things would be far from being just screwed. Would one track information xDR by xDR in an IP network. You bet– and even if you do, who will pay for the hardware and the processing?? RA is supposed to bring down your cost, by finding the “missing money”.  Such huge investments wont help (well I think, prove me wrong if you can! ).

Now that is just a hint with RA. A call simulator tool that costs roughly $1500 – $3000  (better tools are surely available) is being used by fraudsters for their fraud pranks resulting in millions of dollar losses for the operators. Such sim boxes could just serve the purpose of a test event generator. The only other investment you would need is to generate an interface for the call to happen via a computer. use an excel sheet for the reporting.

Again this is just for revenue assurance. If handled properly, the test event generators really bring the entire network in the board room. You just have to be careful with what you make out of it.

its just too beautiful a tool.

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