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Imagine P-NUTting your way through traffic

If the header did not quite catch your the breadth of your imagination, let me put it simply: P-NUT or Personal-Neo Urban Transport is the what the R&D at Honda labs have to offer you. This concept car is way off … Continue reading

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A Questionnaire framework for building Customer oriented messaging

What does a customer want to hear? Lowest price and best offering– what can be better?Lets see how we can build up this kind of messaging. The objectives that needs to be fulfilled for a customer are very specific. The … Continue reading

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Customers, and Marketing to Customers in an age of Customer Capitalism

I was reading the HBR issue of Jan-Feb 2010, where Roger Martin describes the importance of Customer Capitalism. It is interesting to note how the business has changed over time- starting from managerial capitalism, to Jack Welch’s implementation and drive … Continue reading

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