A Questionnaire framework for building Customer oriented messaging

What does a customer want to hear? Lowest price and best offering– what can be better?
Lets see how we can build up this kind of messaging.

The objectives that needs to be fulfilled for a customer are very specific. The fantastic concept of Customer Centric Selling (visit http://www.customercentric.com/ for further details)- a propriety concept (kudos to the ones who created the messaging format) available at the above site talks of achieving 3 main points during a sale:
1. Achieve a goal
2. Solve a problem
3. Satisfy a need.
The outcome of the above three points as mentioned need to be supported by the cost vs benefit analysis- thus a complete pack for the salesman.

But the question is – how do you create a message around these lines. Here comes the next big input as provided by Dan Roam in his book “The Back of The Napkin”– where he lays down a very basic set of questions, which if properly answered solves the most complex of business problems. Well the book is more about solving problems visually, but the core questionnaire set is extremely good. Simple — Ask: Who/What; How Much; Where; followed by When, How, and summing up to Why.

Let me try and add up these two sets of absolutely awesome ideas:

  1. Who needs to achieve a Goal; and What is the Goal, and What is the problem that needs to be solved?
  2. How big is the problem that needs to be solved (the How Much); and How Much Effort should ideally be put in for the same; or How Much effort would be required for the same ?
  3. For solving the problem and thus satisfying the need– where are the biggest challenges that would have to be mitigated ?
  4. When and how would the problem faced be mitigated by the “solution offering”?
  5. Why is the cost of the solution/offering thus justified? (i.e., providing the cost vs. the benefit)

(NOTE: points 2 and 3 above are interrelated to each other).

Seems a plausible thought? Do share your opinion on the pros and cons of the same. As for me, since I was trying to integrate these two concepts– let me see, where I myself can find the flaws in this integration.

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