DELL- What Simplicity of Thoughts can Achieve

No frills- we all talk about simplicity of thought, but here is a live example.

Michael Dell started off with a $1000 capital — and the sole objective was to provide great service to customers at reasonable prices…. The technology to be used was a simple “thought”– a “Direct Model” for selling and reaching out to customers.

Simple thoughts created a business worth over $40 Billion, from a $1000 dollar starting capital.

So what did Michael Dell do? Magic? No — it was about using the right set of tools for the right purpose at the right time. The simplest of ideas — listen to “exactly” what the customer needs and deliver the same. “Underpromise” yet “Overdeliver”– two simple ideas, and Dell true to its service across the globe maintains the meaning of the words.

The most important thing that I believe worked for Dell was the urge to outperform one’s own self– each day ,every day; and having people (the people at Dell, the suppliers and partners, and most important the customers) informed and charged up for achieving that which is “NEXT” .

Well all this praise comes from understanding how to build business empires from the horse’s mouth. “Direct from Dell” is a book worthy if you want to grow business empires.

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