Google Wave – Missed the flight bigtime

This Techtree news was stunning– but showcased an invaluable fact about Business vis-a-vis Technology.

Google Waves Goodbye to Wave

Techtree News Staff, Aug 05, 2010 1253 hrs IST

It was launched amidst much fanfare more than a year ago at the 2009 I/O conference and was touted to be the biggest evolution since the advent of e-mail. Google’s Wave, which created waves in the way people communicated online, was no doubt a great concept – but inspite of its usefulness and capabilities, Google has decided to shut down the service due to lack of enough patronage.

In a blog post  announcing the decision, Urs Holzle, Google senior vice president for operations said, “Wave has not seen the user adoption we would have liked,” and for the same reason “We don’t plan to continue developing Wave as a stand-alone product,” 

Note that this does not mean they are shutting down Wave entirely. For now, the account would still be accessible and Google has reaffirmed that the service would be running through the end of the year. They have also that technology used in the Wave would be integrated into other Google projects.  For those who still use Wave, Google said that many of Google Wave’s features are already available as open-source components and they would enable users to migrate from Google Wave to “easily liberate” their content from Wave.

Looks like, like us, Google too thinks the Wave was a bit too advanced for its time. Or was it a failure on Google’s part to “explain” the whole concept to the public. Or is it just that people like to keep things simple on the web? Google intended the Google Wave to be a “Web app for real time communication and collaboration” however, people think there are other easier alternatives in the market today that make the Google Wave either redundant or simply too futuristic.

Anyway, if you haven’t logged on to Wave for the past few months, you might want to take a look at it again. It might not be there a few months down the line.

Quite like tens and thousands of technical advancements that are made in the market– not all of them see success. This seems another story in the same saga.

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