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BlackBerry Boys – Is that a cost-effective way forward for Vodafone in India

This is the new advertisement from Vodafone — a call to everyone for using the Blackberry services, instead of only the corporates.I don’t want to comment on the video as a whole for it must have been created by extremely … Continue reading

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Small & Medium businesses are leveraging power of SaaS

Interesting article! Small & Medium businesses are leveraging power of SaaS (read this article at

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Net-Neutrality – Is it a risky business for telecom operators?

For anyone who may not be able to re-collect at one go the term, net-neutrality is about seamless and unrestricted access to the internet irrespective of the mode of communication.if you want to know details ‘here‘ is what Wikipedia has … Continue reading

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Telecom — A Brotherhood at Arms

The following advertisements caught my eye: and I started wondering if it makes sense to have a state when one business can grow by capitalizing on competition of another business . Sun and Oracle in their joint advertisements have started … Continue reading

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Managing ‘Cost’ must be an integral part of telecom Revenue Assurance

Business must be sustainable. A company can be profitable yet bankrupt if the cash reserves are not in the right order. The state of telecoms w.r.t spending does not seem to give a clear picture as to how much the business … Continue reading

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India Calling- yet Challenging!

Indian telecom market is like that turbulent sea, where if you survive, you play in billions, or else your ship is permanently wrecked (figuratively speaking in a ‘Titanic’ style). Looking through a few telecom magazines of last month– it seems … Continue reading

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