Revenue Assurance includes Solar RA and Radiation RA

Often it is discussed what is in-scope and out-of scope for “revenue assurance”. In this blog of mine you would find a bunch of articles where I have tried explaining what RA should include and what not.

While debating on such topic, more interesting thoughts surface. In one of his posts in, Eric mentions ‘Assuring Sunshine‘ or so to say ‘solar revenue assurance’. Read about this interesting post here.

If you thought that was weird and yet interesting, allow me to introduce something that may be called ‘Radiation assurance‘. For the lack of a better term I’m using this term. Let me explain what this is.

It may sound catchy but “I” took the liberty of introducing ‘another task’ for the conventional revenue assurance domain. In India, to bring about control and ensuring proper deployment of mobile towers, the Government has proposed to impose a fine of INR 500, 000 (roughly USD $ 1200) per mobile tower if it is found that the towers  flout norms of radiation. Read the article in here.

The reason I put it in here was simple. If radiation norms are not met, the operator would have to shell out money from its pocket. For the scope of conventional revenue assurance, and more recently preventive and proactive RA is to ensure that operators are not only not losing money that should otherwise have been contributing to their revenue, but also to prevent all such possible forms of leakages from ‘even happening’- instead of fixing the loss.

Regulatory compliance is a part of assurance that helps operators save millions. This example is one such norm that would help the operator save millions– and thus as a part of complete revenue assurance and therefore ‘risk management’ regulatory compliance (and thus probably “radiation assurance”) should be an integral part.

How would one perform ‘radiation leakage assurance’? I guess it should not be as big as rocket science. Radiation level detectors are typically found even in household appliance like microwaves used for cooking. Such electronic circuits may be used to continuously monitor the radiation level and report back to a monitoring station. If there is a breach or the level is rising near about a set threshold, alarms could be raised for the network teams to look into the same. Sounds simple and being an electronic instrumentation engineer myself, I can hopefully assure that this is a simple solution.

Just another KPI for the revenue assurance team.

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