User Specific Attention from Google

Many a times and often, when we send emails, which is supposed to have attachment, and we forget to attach them as part of it, the reader has to revert only after which we apologize and resend the attachment….. seems like one of those very common errors. But this error serves a real bad taste say when You are applying for a job and sent the email (may be just by mistake) without the attached CV.

I was sending an email in one such situation which would have annoyed the recipient and ‘Google’ saved me!
A pop-up that read :

Did you mean to attach files? 

You wrote ‘I have attached’ in your message, but there are no files attached. Send anyway?

came up after I had hit the ‘send’ button.. The following is the screenshot (i have deliberately hidden the name of the addressee)

To check if this was only searching for the form of the word ‘attach’ I typed another email to a friend of mine with the words ‘I am attached to You’ and tried sending it- and then there was no pop-up at all !!! 

It is simply amazing for me primarily for a couple of reasons:
1. This is being checked in ‘real time’
2. I am one among hundreds of millions, and yet Google almost seems to be giving personalized attention- and as a user, it feels great. It simply feels awesome.

There is a lot of talks about Consumer Centric Analytics in today’s world which aim to provide better ‘Customer Experience’. But I guess this is what Consumer Centric Analytics and therefore Customer Experience Management is truly is, and is at its best of its forms. In other cases, all I am given (as in when I am a consumer) is bunch of text messages and emails which are pro-typical promotional offers – almost 99% of which irritates me. 

This ‘analytics’ helped me– the promotional junks don’t.

I don’t know how this has been achieved by Google, but if anyone knows how this has been done, please do share with me.

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1 Response to User Specific Attention from Google

  1. Maverick says:

    The following is a Comment I received from a Senior:"It is intelligent text mining based on context. It is not as hard as it may appears (basically, a java service on hitting send, interprets the content, searches for patterns and if it finds a hit, it pops an appropriate message); that is what a lot of the social media analytics companies (attensity, overtone etc.) have started to do as well."

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