‘INRA’- could this be tomorrow’s definition for today’s RA?

How about an acronym ‘INRA’ which reads as ‘Investment aNd ROI Assurance’?
Don’t worry, it is not a new mouthful marketing term that has just jumped out in some bright brain, but the concept and where it stems from is fairly simple. Let me try and explain.

Two questions: Who is RA for? and What is the scope of RA? The age old question that probably is yet to be answered is ‘what is the scope of revenue assurance?’ and we have opinions all around the globe w.r.t its scope, which typically and unfortunately resonates the safe home ground that the specific claimant is confident of. If protecting the revenues of the company is a target, then should revenue assurance not be a part of ‘every’ company on the face of Earth? Obviously the metrics and KPIs would be different, but how come RA is then spoken of as the terminal illness primarily of telecoms? Is it because of the loss volumes are deemed extremely high- could be? But then, by large all types of companies would need some system or the other for RA activities? I don’t seem to see a lot of claims around that- pardon my ignorance if that also is a big buzz word that I am not aware of.

So if one has to come up with a fairly benign definition of RA, should it not include safeguarding the investments and therefore determining ROIs of investments made by the companies? ‘End of day’, you try and “assure” “revenue”. I get it when one would say, revenue is all that for which You can raise an invoice, but hey, someone else also raised an invoice that You paid for in getting a bunch of systems that is supposed to do some work and get Your ROI in x-amount of time. Why would that not be considered a part of ‘assuring’ revenues?

Some terms like ‘cost assurance’, ‘margin assurance’ and the likes seem to speak in volumes of the work that is there for safe guarding revenues. So, if at the end of everything one is targeting to save revenues and mind it, at all quarters and corners of the business, should “everything” not be a part of something like ‘INRA’? And INRA is for ‘everyone’….nothing specific to telecoms only.

One more point; lets keep this straight and simple, first safeguard and stabilize your ‘today’ which is the present state, before trying to optimize for a better future. No point thinking of a glorious ‘future’ if You are dying today, and therefore optimization is definitely out of scope of INRA.

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