Building a Business- from the seed, to sapling to a giant

When it comes to business, often I have seen, it is only a few key things that needs to be done right, at the right time, in the right direction, and most importantly in the right way. Essentially there is no rocket science for success except for the fact that You know what You are doing and don’t try fooling all around- which includes Your own employees, who happen to be the biggest strength of the organisation (yet often this is forgotten by companies, especially small ones), Your investors and VCs and most importantly the customers.

Here is a great article  from TechCrunch (viz. The Job Of A CEO At A 200 Person Company) – simple in thoughts and processes to follow when for startUps and budding organizations. The article ends with a fansatic opinion, that a few start ups and small companies over look – “You are human. You make mistakes. You get stressed. But at all times, be real! Your people and your market want to hear from you—they want to know you and know what you stand for. They can sniff bullshit a mile away. Don’t disengage with reality behind the CEO’s magic curtain—it’s all too easy. Keep it real.”.

As a matter of fact, as seen even in this article, there is no rocket science of success and exactly similar thoughts are laid out by Guy Kawasaki in his book, “The Macintosh Way” which simply put reads as ‘Doing the Right Thing’ and ‘Doing Things Right’.

One can interpret it simply as “be honest in transactions” and don’t bullshit, for that won’t help You in the long run.

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