Double Jeopardy for AT & T

AT&T sued over alleged improper billing of services for hearing-impaired

this article caught my eye and I was left wondering of the woes of AT & T.
They charged improperly for services provided (to fraudsters), and now are liable to pay damage charges!
What are the losses?
1. Not being able to detect fraudulent usage.. Ouch, that always hurts.
2. (Therefore) Billing wrongly for services to Federal Communications Commission… That is a type of ‘Bill Shock’ for FCC
3. Now fighting lawsuit over False Claim Act.
Overall. AT & T lost on all sides. Provided services to “subscribers” (who by the way seems to be fraudsters); did not get money for the services provided (FCC claims that they were false billed); and now AT & T would be paying from their own pockets the services wrongly provided. 
USD $16 Million is a ton of money!
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