Should Flipkart be allowed to spoil habit of customers?

Dear Flipkart,

Please don’t provide the best form of customer service that can be available on the planet. especially because you are in India. If you do so, it becomes tough for me as a customer to bear with the others in Business, when one gets a service as unthinkably brilliant as You guys provide. It is wrong on your part to ship and deliver objects at the fastest possible manner thus guaranteeing customer satisfaction. It is wrong on your part to ship and deliver books as a “next day service” with option to pay through cards (credit or debit) when I have asked for Cash-On-Delivery… and You have done this, at least 15 times with me. It is wrong on Your part to set benchmarks w.r.t expectations from customer service.

Your counter parts in the same business (like ‘Landmarkonthenet‘) cannot deliver books in 7 days after promising 2-3 days, and then also they ship old, damaged, used books; and after continuous complaining and cribbing they take another 7 days time to update what is going to happen without telling when the book will come as a replacement.

Why only Landmark, take Aramex courier service for example, through whom Landmark shipped. Aramex, was sitting on the delivery for 4 days before bringing it to me, and the best part is, the shipment was in the same city (Bangalore) for 4 days before it came to me. Reasons cited by them: 1) it was late on Tuesday, 2) Wednesday was a holiday 3) 1st Nov it was raining very heavily 4) 2nd, well the delivery guys were busy! I have never found Flipkart delivery guys giving such reasons. So You see, You have effectively spoilt the habit of me-the customer- by setting wrong expectations w.r.t customer service. Before Flipkart was there, I guess these were acceptable norms.

Why only your domain? Check out my experience with Vodafone Karnataka! For 1.5 years in the name of 3G service they provided the worst form of data connectivity in Bangalore. The speeds were less than 40kbps, when 3G speeds should be some 10 odd times more than that. However they were “Happy to Help” and charged me a ton of money for the 3G service which they never provided. The best part was, on Twitter they sent a direct message which read “Kindly note that the indoor coverage in your area is weak and there is no new site planned as of now.“– which means, do whatever you wish, we wont provide you the service but will continue to charge you for 3G!!! Now that is the kind of customer service people are used to. But this does not end here, let me not iterate the kind of personnel Vodafone has in customer service and they way they have interacted. Anyways, finally I decided to shift from Vodafone to Airtel through MNP- and by God’s grace that happened smoothly, and Vodafone removed my online account. However they did not send me any bill for the outstanding amount. Now, after 1 month, I am getting calls from the Happy-to-Help guys saying I have to pay an amount which is outstanding. When did i say, I wont pay because I know of the usage I have done?? But you see, I cannot expect a Bill, because they wont email it! So, now here is customer service at work in the guise of collection’s agents, who call up and say, “I am coming, give me the money!”. So what of the bill? why is Vodafone not emailing it to me? Now that is the customer service in action. I have to go to the Vodafone store and get my bill… inspite of the technology called “Email” which can send bills digitally!

So You see, this is the kind of “jugaad” philosophy and ‘kuch bhi karo chalta hai’ theology is what works in here. Now, in this environment, if You act so damn professionally, it is definitely wrong and should not be done. Come to think of it…. since You have spoilt my habit w.r.t orders and customer service, now the rest of the guys think I can only crib! But what they would NOT like to take away is the learnings that You at Flipkart can provide about Customer Service, Quality Management and Delivery!

So here is my request. Don’t be so ridiculously professional and awesome. Remember that You are in India, and hence please act accordingly- just like the other do.

Thanks and Regards

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2 Responses to Should Flipkart be allowed to spoil habit of customers?

  1. Danish says:

    You probably haven’t tried Yebhi. You’ll be completely knocked out by what they do.

  2. Danish says:

    Not only is there delivery super fast, the guy who delivers knows how to deal with customers. You don’t need a call centre with these guys

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