Thoughts on the book “Exposure- From President to Whistleblower at Olympus”

While it reads like a crime thriller, the book definitely brings out the dire need of corporate governance in its true sense. SOX is present, J-SOX is present and so is a number of ways in which organisations are supposed to run. But still we see the corporate world riddled with the likes of Olympus like events, and or the Satyam scam.

The questions then is, what is it that is not working time and again?
The book is an awesome account of how breaches in corporate governance needs to be dealt with. The advantage that the author has/had by dint of his position in the org structure was a vital element in bringing out the flaws. But what if someone does not have the stature, like the real whistleblower who revealed had to Facta? How would that situation really work? Or does the real whistleblower have to remain hidden for the sake of earning his/her own livelihood or whatever other reason including personal safety?
This is what the book/author does not say, and somewhere i therefore feel that account is incomplete, just as much as thorough implementation of corporate governance. One may argue that it is not so and that CG is well established; but to that I would feel as if it is an ostrich ducking its head in sand and thinking the danger would pass away (or it is some other bird/ animal, i am not sure, but that is besides the point). If CG was really implemented, we would not be looking at events like these where decades of hard work by lots of people is laid waste by a few bad men.

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