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Lies, damn lies and analytics?

This is a great post that summarizes exactly why Analytics is NOT the silver bullet! Big Talk Over 200 years ago Benjamin Disraeli1 said: “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics”. This aphorism is still immensely … Continue reading

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Customer Data, Analytics and Future

In a time when the buzz word is about data analytics and deriving value out of the humongous volumes of data, a question definitely arises, how secure could personal information be in the future when the world would have been … Continue reading

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‘Face Off’ – from revenue assurance to revenue optimization and the way forward

If only it was possible to surgically put faces-off from one skin and fix it on the other, as had been shown in the Nicholas Cage, John Travolta starrer movie ‘Face Off’; business tycoons would surely have used a similar … Continue reading

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Deriving value out of analytics softwares in telecom – the question is how much ?

“Mobile broadband will have the greatest impact in both mature and growth markets, but finding the right business models and managing costs will be the keys to operator success“. This is a direct quite from the an article in Analysis Mason … Continue reading

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User Specific Attention from Google

Many a times and often, when we send emails, which is supposed to have attachment, and we forget to attach them as part of it, the reader has to revert only after which we apologize and resend the attachment….. seems … Continue reading

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