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Should Flipkart be allowed to spoil habit of customers?

Dear Flipkart, Please don’t provide the best form of customer service that can be available on the planet. especially because you are in India. If you do so, it becomes tough for me as a customer to bear with the … Continue reading

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Customer Data, Analytics and Future

In a time when the buzz word is about data analytics and deriving value out of the humongous volumes of data, a question definitely arises, how secure could personal information be in the future when the world would have been … Continue reading

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is it wise to charge for Customer Care– especially for telcos?

In an interesting article, Tony Poulos mentioned that it may not be wise for operators for charge for Customer Care operations. You can read the article here. The question is, could this be a revenue generator source for the telecom … Continue reading

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A Questionnaire framework for building Customer oriented messaging

What does a customer want to hear? Lowest price and best offering– what can be better?Lets see how we can build up this kind of messaging. The objectives that needs to be fulfilled for a customer are very specific. The … Continue reading

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