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Customers are Not Innovators! Leaders Innovate—Customers and Others ‘follow’

As much as we may want to think of Customers as Gods, the truth cannot be far from reality. Gods are supposedly those beings who everything and of course the future, but time and again we have been proven that … Continue reading

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Should Flipkart be allowed to spoil habit of customers?

Dear Flipkart, Please don’t provide the best form of customer service that can be available on the planet. especially because you are in India. If you do so, it becomes tough for me as a customer to bear with the … Continue reading

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An excellent read on Business Assurance from TMNG and GTB

The following article was published in there was no link to share in blogger, I am copy pasting the content of the article in here.Please read the original article here. “ A holistic approach to optimising business performance 21 April … Continue reading

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Using Social Media for CRM or CEM

Here is a good article I caught up with on CRM / CEM. (This was published as an article in Yahoo) On Cloud 2: making fans of customers on social media Companies: Dell Inc. International Business Machines Corp. On … Continue reading

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User Specific Attention from Google

Many a times and often, when we send emails, which is supposed to have attachment, and we forget to attach them as part of it, the reader has to revert only after which we apologize and resend the attachment….. seems … Continue reading

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Put boundaries to Revenue Assurance – or Just treat the Subscriber as the metric?

Almost after two months of near-zero activity in terms of blogging, I thought of posing a question about the outputs of ‘revenue assurance’ function and the method of measurement.Before that, may I clarify, I strongly hold the opinion that ‘RA’ … Continue reading

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Telecom Business = Analytics + Social Media + Advertising + Usage platform + Consolidation

It’s time that telecom business actually started looking deep down into customer analytics and started raising the bar of expectations of consumers with the innumerable ‘next gen’ possibilities that customers can make use of using the telecom infrastructure; rather than concentrating … Continue reading

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is it wise to charge for Customer Care– especially for telcos?

In an interesting article, Tony Poulos mentioned that it may not be wise for operators for charge for Customer Care operations. You can read the article here. The question is, could this be a revenue generator source for the telecom … Continue reading

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Noetic theory- Can it serve purposes of risk and revenue management in telecoms?

Let me be honest and say, I had not exactly heard this term ‘Noetic Theory’ until one of my seniors mentioned it to me. Hence, just to let everyone know what it is, you can read the same in this … Continue reading

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