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Customers are Not Innovators! Leaders Innovate—Customers and Others ‘follow’

As much as we may want to think of Customers as Gods, the truth cannot be far from reality. Gods are supposedly those beings who everything and of course the future, but time and again we have been proven that … Continue reading

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A Questionnaire framework for building Customer oriented messaging

What does a customer want to hear? Lowest price and best offering– what can be better?Lets see how we can build up this kind of messaging. The objectives that needs to be fulfilled for a customer are very specific. The … Continue reading

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Handling volume explosion of data

Apologies for any typing / grammatical errors! Please point out the same through your invaluable comments. Lets say you are Not Google, and you do not have BigTable, and you need to work with huge volumes of data, and over … Continue reading

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