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Telecom Fraud- In news

For a bunch of societal obligations usually prevalent in this time of the year in India, I had not been able to make it to writing, reading, analysis and self-research.The fun part is, I resumed only to feel literally bombarded … Continue reading

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Assurance : Management : Maximization & the scope of the activities

These three words are nothing new in the revenue management domain especially for telecoms. .But the question is — are these sequential activities or are they parallel? Another question that I hear reverberate across the industry — what is ‘in … Continue reading

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Frank Abagnale Jr.

For anyone new to the name, Frank Abagnale was one of the most notorious fraudsters who had duped investigators for a very long time- but eventually landed up being the owner of Abagnale & Associates, a financial fraud consultancy company some time after he was hired by … Continue reading

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"Catch me if you can" — said the fraudster

Apologies for any typing / grammatical errors! Please point out the same through your invaluable comments.This is not about the great movie though! But this is exactly what typical fraudsters would say, smile and vanish. Now imagine the context of … Continue reading

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