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Should Flipkart be allowed to spoil habit of customers?

Dear Flipkart, Please don’t provide the best form of customer service that can be available on the planet. especially because you are in India. If you do so, it becomes tough for me as a customer to bear with the … Continue reading

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Telecom Fraud- In news

For a bunch of societal obligations usually prevalent in this time of the year in India, I had not been able to make it to writing, reading, analysis and self-research.The fun part is, I resumed only to feel literally bombarded … Continue reading

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BlackBerry Boys – Is that a cost-effective way forward for Vodafone in India

This is the new advertisement from Vodafone — a call to everyone for using the Blackberry services, instead of only the corporates.I don’t want to comment on the video as a whole for it must have been created by extremely … Continue reading

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India Calling- yet Challenging!

Indian telecom market is like that turbulent sea, where if you survive, you play in billions, or else your ship is permanently wrecked (figuratively speaking in a ‘Titanic’ style). Looking through a few telecom magazines of last month– it seems … Continue reading

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Is Vodafone changing game plans? Won’t that hurt?

A call to the Vodafone call center today freaked me out!The IVR said– “charge of the call would be 50 paise per 3 minutes”….. Now that is strange!I wanted to speak to the customer care agent for activating a GPRS … Continue reading

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